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Her personal encounters reveal where the source of peace in the region may finally come from.”

– Barbara Lahav,

Pacific Northwest Finance Director, J Street

Annette's open-hearted journey has the potential to help us question assumptions about what is possible between people.”

– Beth Huppin,

Director of Project Kavod/Dignity, Jewish Family Service Adult Education Educator, Congregation Beth Shalom

I remember reading the manuscript when Annette first started it years ago, and to this day I remember so many parts of it.”

– Rita Zawaideh,

Founder and President of Salaam Cultural Museum, Seattle

Owner of Caravan-Serai Tours

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Much of what my Palestinian and Israeli friends had to say boiled down to this:

My Muslim Palestinian friends want justice, respect, and dignity. My Jewish Israeli friends want safety, security, and trust. All of them want to live in peace in Israel, the land they all consider their home.


From Annette To You

I wrote about conversations and experiences I had with both my Palestinian and Israeli friends while I was Israel, along with memories of living in Jerusalem during the Yom Kippur War. The trips to Israel I wrote about occurred in1973, 1990, and 2009 over a span of 36 years.  

From what my friends there have written me and what I see in the news, nothing of significance has changed between Palestinians and Israelis since I was there last. Most people living there are still stuck in fear, stereotypes of “the other,” and deep-seeded animosities. Political leaders have not been able to come up with a solution.

Yet, there are bright exceptions. Dedicated Palestinians, Israelis, and other people working worldwide in Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) or alone are bravely advancing inter-cultural understanding. These are the people I shine a light on throughout my travel memoir. 


I invite you to read about some of the personal conversations and experiences I had with my Palestinian and Israeli friends.

Shalom, Salaam, and Peace,

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